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ZEUS S.A. was founded in 1962 and started trading motorcycles and general purpose products.

It was a pioneer in the development of the 2 wheel products in Greece, importing and selling products from companies such as Moto Guzzi, Gilera and Motobecane.

In 1969, Zeus imported its first bicycle in the Greek market, initiating one of its main categories of its business activity until today.

Since 2007, it is an official representative of Merida, one of the two largest bicycle construction factories in the world which plays a leading role in racing cycling for the last decade.

Zeus imports and participates in the design of the Carrera and Alpina bikes and considers to be one of the biggest companies in the field of bicycles in Greece.

Furthermore, Zeus has started importing fitness equipment into the Greek market since 1977.

Today, it is one of the powerful companies in the field of fitness equipment as cooperates with some of the best brands in USA, Europe and Asia.

Zeus was also the trigger for creating the ZITA GROUP, a group of import companies that trades electronic games, toys, computer equipment, food supplements as well as vitamins and many other products.

It has more than 300 customers based on the statistical data of 2019.

Our goal is to continue trading products with excellent price-quality ratio and offering the best after sale support to our customers. This is the way we are getting better and it will also enforce our development in the next years.