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20-1-2020 MERIDA eONE SiXTY  Design and Innovation Award 2020​

It is not just our SILEX + that managed to grab an award, our all-new eONE-SIXTY 10K was also handed the Design and Innovation Award 2020. 'The MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 10K is incredibly well-balanced and offers very stable handling, both on flowy trails and demanding Alpine terrain.'

A great achievement for the bike and another stepping stone to keep the crown of the 'most awarded bike' in the eONE-SIXTY corner.

Read the full review here:…/merida-eone-sixty-10k/




16-1-2020  MERIDA SILEX+ 6000  Design and Innovation Award 2020

Our SILEX+ 6000 has been given the Design and Innovation Award 2020. A fantastic achievement for our gravel bike and a real testament to its versatility and riding characteristics.

Read the full review and detailed conclusion here:…/merida-silex-6000/



Dear MERIDA family, 

Earlier this week saw the highly anticipated pre-launch event of the new Team Bahrain McLaren, which took place at the McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK. More than 150 guests (including approx. 40 members of the media) were invited to the event which introduced the new team to WorldTour Cycling. 


Key people of the team management including Joint Managing Director John Allert, Team principle Rob Ellingworth, and Duncan Bradley, Design Director at McLaren Applied Technologies, took to the stage to elaborate on the inspiration and the vision behind the team as well as introduce the key partners, including MERIDA, to the guests and media. 


Straight after the reveal of the new team kit and team bike design, the various social media channels were flooded with images, videos and positive comments on the new look of the team bikes. On top of, some of the leading cycling websites reported on the latest equipment.