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07 Apr Merida eONE-SIXTY 10K | BEST IN TEST Award 2021
zeussa 0 204
While still trying to catch up with the amazing test win and awards track record of the original eONE-SIXTY 900E, our new eONE-SIXTY is catching up quickly. The latest addition to its award list is none other than the ma..
12 Feb Merida eSILEX+ 600 | Design & Innovation Award 2021
zeussa 0 309
The latest addition to the MERIDA line-up and instantly awarded with a Design & Innovation Award 2021. Our brand new eSILEX, which is the 'gravel' part of our newly released e-road bike range, was given this great accola..
27 Jan Merida eONE-FORTY EQ | Design & Innovation Award 2021
zeussa 0 267
Following our successes in last year's Design & Innovation Award, we were lucky enough to have altogether four products to be awarded the Design & Innovation Award 2021. One of the 1st bikes to be awarded was the eONE-FO..
14 Aug Merida ebikes awards
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