MOVEMIA is born with the aim to draw a new era in fitness. It is a new territory where movement, connectivity and design merge to create unique experiences in sports and wellness environments.
BH Fitness has merged functionality and design like never before. Club members live in a connected world and the gym becomes a new extension of their lives, in which they want to be as informed and updated as outside. MOVEMIA is the perfect solution for those members to find fun and entertainment.

Discover the whole range MOVEMIA

MOVEMIA is the new family of products developed by BH Fitness to satisfy the demands of a new model of fitness.


The TR1000 treadmill will stimulate all of your customer’s senses, either of those who prefer walking or those who are running enthusiasts.

It is the soul and spirit of any cardio area. Customers are always willing to give them a try, and it is suitable for any user profile;from hardcore fitness users to those who train in a casual way.

Bikes are still one of the most used machines in fitness facilities. Its comfort, together with a universal exercise as cycling, make them mandatory in any gym.

There is not any other feeling like seating in the BR1000, adjust the seat with a single hand and start exercising while you enjoy all the multimedia content in a 19” screen.

It is the most iconic cardio exercise, and rowing in the RW1000 is a superior experience.


The MOVEMIA family has been designed with the user in the center of the design process. That is the reason why the range includes the best finishes and solutions to guarantee a unique experience in the facilities.


The MOVEMIA family has been designed around a global concept: the impovement of fitness machines in sports centers and to offer the highest features and comfort to users. With a coherent design throughout the whole range and the best materials and details, MOVEMIA is destined to be a quality step forward in cardio equipments.

Change is the most advanced level in any evolution
And MOVEMIA is the evolutive jump of BH Fitness towards a premium brand of products and services for the most demanding clients.

Technology for people
One click away from the most efficient management. One little step away from connecting with your community, knowing their needs and offering them what they expect.

Functional and practical design
With the one eye in the latest trends and the other one in the inspiring skyline of a fascinating future, organic shapes blend robustness and sinuosity resulting in machines that crave for human interaction.

All the materials have been selected thinking on circular economy, with electronics 20% more efficient. This is combined with the aim of reaching energetic self-sufficiency.




Thanks to its V-shape designed frame, both weight
and tension 
are distributed in a more uniform way,
thus ensuring the 
machine's stability during the exercise.


Full HD 4k consoles with capacitive touchscreen
 are available for all of MOVEMIA family, with 19" in bikes
and crosstrainers and an impressive 21" in the treadmill.


In BH Fitness we have a firm compromise with a sustainable development.
All the MOVEMIA machines have been designed for a more efficient use of energy.