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Brand: FLOW Model: FLRDRM800
Flow Fitness DMR800 ..
Retail Price : 720.00€ 649.00€
Ex Tax:523.39€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLRDWR2500I
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 The DWR2500i is a stable water rower with a very strong steel frame and the resistance is controlled by the amount of water in the tank. The use of water rowers has increased recently, as more and more people appreciate the natural form of training. Water rowers come closest to a real rowi..
Retail Price : 1,299.00€ 1,099.00€
Ex Tax:886.29€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLRW7I
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 Are you an avid rower? Then we would like to introduce you to our top of the bill as for our rowing machines: the Perform W7i. This water rower is made of high-quality, lightweight materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. Therefore professionals like to use this version. Rowing is ..
Retail Price : 1,409.00€ 1,199.00€
Ex Tax:966.94€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLEDCT2000I
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Flow Glider DCT 2000i ..
Retail Price : 979.00€ 829.00€
Ex Tax:668.55€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLBBDHT2500I
Flow Turner DHT2500 i ..
Retail Price : 1,099.00€ 929.00€
Ex Tax:749.19€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLBBDHT500
Flow Turner DHT 500 ..
Retail Price : 499.00€ 429.00€
Ex Tax:345.97€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLSSMB50
Ιn stock
 Waiting for an available fitness machine at the gym is no longer necessary. Because Flow Fitness has the super strong and multifunctional weight bench which enables you to train your entire upper body at home. The Flow Fitness Foldable Multi Bench SMB50. This weight bench offers consi..
Retail Price : 349.00€ 299.00€
Ex Tax:241.13€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLTDTM2000I
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Flow Runner DTM 2000i ..
Retail Price : 1,649.00€ 1,399.00€
Ex Tax:1,128.23€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLTDTM200I
Ιn stock
 Flow Runner DTM200i is the successor of the DTM100i with the important difference that you can also run on this treadmill. If you’re a walker, but you might want to start running carefully, then you have the ideal treadmill with the DTM200i. The DTM200i is a great treadmill with an ..
Retail Price : 949.00€ 809.00€
Ex Tax:652.42€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLTDTM2500
Flow Runner DTM 2500 ..
Retail Price : 2,179.00€ 1,849.00€
Ex Tax:1,491.13€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLTDM300I
Ιn stock
Flow Runner DTM 300i ..
Retail Price : 1,099.00€ 939.00€
Ex Tax:757.26€
Brand: FLOW Model: FLTDTM400I
Ιn stock
Flow Runner DTM 400i ..
Retail Price : 1,379.00€ 1,179.00€
Ex Tax:950.81€
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