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Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BB-1024
In stock
 The set includes 3 bands with 3 different levels of resistance. Size: 120 x 15 cm T: 0.35mm (pink) T: 0.50mm (purple) T: 0.65mm (blue) Made from latex to ensure maximum durability...
Retail Price: 17.90€
Ex Tax:14.44€
Retail Price: 14.00€
Ex Tax:11.29€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BB-2022
In stock
 Made from the highest quality materials made Adjustable band length: 124-220 cm Comfortable hand grips made of foam Strengthening-Target ABS, arms, back and pelvis muscles Handle Length: 11.5 cm..
Retail Price: 11.90€
Ex Tax:9.60€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BP-220
In stock
Running Vest ..
Retail Price: 7.90€
Ex Tax:6.37€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB010
In stock
Sauna Suit XXL (DB 010) ..
Retail Price: 9.90€
Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB135
Skip Rope with plastic handles 275 cm ..
Retail Price: 4.70€
Ex Tax:3.79€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BB-877D-C(L-XL)
In stock
Slim Shorts Toner L-XL ( BB 877) ..
Retail Price: 22.90€
Ex Tax:18.47€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BB-877D-C(S-M)
In stock
Slim Shorts Toner S-M ( BB 877) ..
Retail Price: 22.90€
Ex Tax:18.47€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB876
Slim Waist Toner (DB 876) ..
Retail Price: 5.90€
Ex Tax:4.76€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-108T-19
Practical set for weight training BW-108T-19 from Body Sculpture.The set includes:2 x 1.5kg Smart Dumbells 2 x 3kg Smart Dumbbells 2 x 5kg Smart Dumbbells Dumbbell Stand/Tower..
Retail Price: 49.90€
Ex Tax:40.24€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB982
Soft Wrist/Ankle Weights 1.5kg (DB 982) ..
Retail Price: 14.80€
Ex Tax:11.94€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB985
In stock
Soft Wrist/Ankle Weights 2.5kg (DB 985) ..
Retail Price: 19.90€
Ex Tax:16.05€
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