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Weight Plates - Dumbbells

Weight Plates - Dumbbells
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Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-7915
This dumbbell set is perfect for beginners looking to build their core strength with adjustable weights. Dumbbells can be used in numerous ways to help work all the major muscle groups. Mix and match the weights as you please.- Carry Case- Engraved Plates (kg)- Fully Adjustable..
Retail Price: 87.50€
Ex Tax:70.56€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-7047A-27
In stock
Curl bar 119 cm with spinlock collars ..
Retail Price: 31.50€
Ex Tax:25.40€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-108-03
Dimesnions: 22 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm Weight: 2 x 1.5 kg..
Retail Price: 8.90€
Ex Tax:7.18€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-108-04
Dimesnions: 22 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm Weight: 2 x 2 kg..
Retail Price: 10.90€
Ex Tax:8.79€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-504
Neoprene dumbbell 1 kg ..
Retail Price: 4.50€
Ex Tax:3.63€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-508
Neoprene dumbbell 2 kg ..
Retail Price: 8.80€
Ex Tax:7.10€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-512
Neoprene dumbbell 3 kg ..
Retail Price: 13.50€
Ex Tax:10.89€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-516
Neoprene dumbbell 4 kg ..
Retail Price: 17.50€
Ex Tax:14.11€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-520
Neoprene dumbbell 5 kg ..
Retail Price: 21.90€
Ex Tax:17.66€
Brand: BODY SCULPTURE Model: BW-108T-19
Practical set for weight training BW-108T-19 from Body Sculpture.The set includes:2 x 1.5kg Smart Dumbells 2 x 3kg Smart Dumbbells 2 x 5kg Smart Dumbbells Dumbbell Stand/Tower..
Retail Price: 49.90€
Ex Tax:40.24€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB982
Soft Wrist/Ankle Weights 1.5kg (DB 982) ..
Retail Price: 14.80€
Ex Tax:11.94€
Brand: UPOWER Model: DB985
In stock
Soft Wrist/Ankle Weights 2.5kg (DB 985) ..
Retail Price: 19.90€
Ex Tax:16.05€
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